I am Kristina



Professional academic writer, researcher and coach of over 350 successful students (mostly Masters, some PhDs) over the years. - Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) and currently Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) student, both from Henley Business School, University of Reading, England. - Co-Owner/Consultant of our family business in Germany. Most important roles: Wife and Mama. 


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My Story

Back in 2014 and over the course of my whole EMBA journey, I struggled massively with researching and writing for my degree. When deadlines came up, I found myself chained to my laptop half the night, trying to figure things out and bring them to paper. All this while working full-time in my medium-sized family business. On top of that, I was trying to have a life somehow… but my former relationship ended, partially because of my lack of time. 

Now, I am managing to work on my DBA with ease and joy. I do not want to brag, but I manage to write excellent assignments, take care of my daughter, show up for my students and have enough time for myself. HOW DID I DO THIS? 

"Over four painful years, I have tried to finish my MBA degree! Thanks to Kristina and her program, I was able to write my final dissertation within ONE month, working maybe 2 hours on it. Weekends off! Believe it or not. She figured it out!"

- Marco G., Switzerland -

Executive MBA who wrote his paper on Process Management in the Automotive Industry

"I have graduated with honors. Thanks to this amazing class. My Business School and my supervisor explained everything well, but I was still confused about so many aspects of my academic work. This course is awesome and explains academic research, writing, methodology and everything step-by-step."

- Pamela J. - Sweden

MBA who wrote her paper on Customer Centricity in Tourism 

"Money well spent! Before I found Kristina´s course, I was seriously looking for a ghostwriter to complete my dissertation for me. I was fed up with writing, getting negative feedback from my mentor, feeling overwhelmed with all these academic terms. Kristina made is simple! Thank you. You are a star!"

- Lukas A. - Germany

Executive MBA who wrote his paper on Strategy in a VUCA World

Why I Do It

According to my former supervisor at Henley Business School, almost 50% of all MBA students QUIT in their final year. (ALL THIS WORK FOR NOTHING?)

Main reason being: They find themselves unable to complete their thesis and at one point, they simply run out of time.

Shortly after I graduated, I have started to work for two academic agencies in Germany and Switzerland as a freelance coach (on the side). My mission was (and is still) to support other students and help them to overcome their pain points when writing and researching. 

Why? Because I was in your shoes, suffered from the pressure and the urge to succeed academically while having lots of other things going on (career, relationship etc.). I simply wanted to end the suffering of fellow students. You can call it my passion project, my calling if you will! Working with students, I discovered that most of them are super smart, ambitious, motivated etc. (way more then me) 

BUT THEY ARE SIMPLY USING THE WRONG STRATEGY when researching and writing. Some are convinced that they NEED to struggle as it is part of the game or (worse) they believe that they are not good enough. Many of them were even looking into hiring a ghostwriter to finish their work for them. 


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