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My Mission is two-fold: 

My professional community helps postgraduate students to make academic writing and research effortless, effective and highly enjoyable.

I also support Women in starting their Freelance writing career without chasing underpaid projects online by teaching them how to get signed with high-paying agencies / writing positions so they have the time, finances and flexibility for what matters most in their lives.

My work is all about the shortcut to your desired destination.

I will support you every step of the way.

Invest in yourself. Your future. Today.

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That is what I stand for...
I believe that tackling academic projects besides having a full-time career is not impossible. There is a fast and efficient was to realize any dissertation and thesis.
I am furthermore convinced that women with financial freedom will change this world for the better!

As a EMBA, doctoral student, professional academic coach and writer and personal development mentor, I use my understanding of the human mind and my passion for living life to the fullest to empower others to step into who they really are. 

I support you in getting to consistent 5 figures per month WITHOUT chasing underpaid projects on freelance job platform (or even social media) by teaching you how get signed by high-paying clients only.

I use my holistic coaching approach and my passion for empowering others to help them achieve anything they want with their writing.

"I had one last chance to finish my Master of Business Administration but I was too busy at work to get anything done. I also just became a Dad and did not want to neglect my family. Kristina showed me how to write and pass my dissertation in just 30 days. The process was easy and truly enjoyable." 

Marco. A.


"Honestly, I had no idea how I could ever achieve a perfect writing gig to achieve a good pay. I blindly  followed what I learned from other creators. BUT I was stuck and no progress was being made. It was at this point that I came to know of Kristina. Since then she's helped me turn the impossible into possible by the grace of God. I have made the switch in my writing career by her sheer determination and guidance and so can you! Just 6 weeks and voila, you shall witness the results yourself.

So, if you're looking out to have a consistent flow of writing gigs, Kristina is the one to approach." 

Filza S.
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