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50% of MBA students tend to procrastinate or turn into perfectionists and waste a massive amount of time working on the wrong things! Does this sound like you!

Graduating with honors by getting a distinction for your MBA thesis is the result of hard work and the right strategy!
I know you want to proudly graduate (maybe even with distinction?) but without the headache, time-waste and frustration!
Tackling your studies to enhance your further career seems like a great plan, but there is a problem... 
You are finding yourself overwhelmed with researching and writing your paper(s) while being a busy professional and wanting to spend time with your loved ones. You feel guilty towards everyone as you have to spread yourself thin...
I know the initial motivation when starting a degree can wear off pretty quickly. Especially when reality hits and you find yourself struggling to stay on top of your game.
Or you might be a perfectionist and you are not satisfied with your academic performance. 
You might add your study time at the end of your day when you already feel drained. I was there and know how frustrating it can be. 
Maybe you are seeking to make an impact in this world with your research, but you do not know where to start. You feel frustrated because studying is harder then you expected. 
You might feel trapped, demotivated, exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated... I feel you. I was there. And I almost gave up!
Who is your coach?
Hello, I am Kristina, a professional academic writer, researcher and coach of over 350+ successful students. I have an Executive Master of Business Administration and currently completing a Doctor of Business Administration, both from Henley Business School, University of Reading, England.
Back in 2014 and over the course of my whole EMBA journey, I struggled massively with researching and writing for my degree. When deadlines came up, I found myself chained to the laptop half the night, trying to figure things out and bring them to paper. All this while working full-time in my medium-sized family business. On top of that, I was trying to have a life somehow… but my former relationship ended, partially because of my lack of time.
Now, I am managing to work on my DBA with ease and joy. I do not want to brag, but I manage to write excellent assignments, take care of my daughter, show up for my coaching students, and have enough time for myself. How did I do this?...

"Over four painful years, I have tried to finish my MBA degree! Thanks to Kristina and her program, I was able to write my final dissertation within ONE month, working maybe 2 hours on it. Weekends off! Believe it or not. She figured it out!"

- Marco G., Switzerland -

Executive MBA who wrote his paper on Process Management in the Automotive Industry

"I have graduated with honors. Thanks to this amazing class. My Business School and my supervisor explained everything well, but I was still confused about so many aspects of my academic work. This course is awesome and explains academic research, writing, methodology and everything step-by-step."

- Pamela J. - Sweden -

MBA who wrote her paper on Customer Centricity in Tourism 

"Money well spent! Before I found Kristina´s course, I was seriously looking for a ghostwriter to complete my dissertation for me. I was fed up with writing, getting negative feedback from my mentor, feeling overwhelmed with all these academic terms. Kristina made is simple! Thank you. You are a star!"

- Lukas A. - Germany

Executive MBA who wrote his paper on Strategy in a VUCA World

406 students and counting cannot be wrong

It is my mission to support overwhelmed and frustrated professionals who are tackling their MBA (mostly on the side). And you know what? I figured it out (the hard way). Back in 2014 when I studied for my Executive MBA from Henley Business School in the UK, I was close to cracking under the pressure. I wanted to keep up with my peers, continue to thrive in my career, allow myself enough time for my loved ones. But you know what? It was damn hard.

Not that universities and business schools offering MBA programs are not doing a great job supporting their students. They do! It seems to me that they give them the tools, but they are lacking to show them step-by-step how to use them. They encourage you to figure it out. But that is the HARD PART.

The international standards for MBAs are very high. Every faculty might have different marking criteria in place, but the general process of researching and writing is the same. 

You have worked too hard and came too far to give up! You are successful in so many areas of your life. You can tackle this beast as well!

It is not your fault that you are struggling with your MBA studies. You simply have not been following a freedom-based research and writing model yet!

The right strategy is the answer!

My 30 DAY MBA program takes you step-by-step through the highly complex and multilayered process of academic research and writing. And all of that in only four modules with bite-sized lessons designed to save your time and energy - NOT WASTE IT!

I teach my students how the right strategy to…

  • Know exactly what you are doing
  • Without wasting time and energy
  • Work most efficiently, effectively
  • Complete their MBA in 30 days working an average of 2 hours a day / 5 days a week with 2 days off - yes, days off are important

Who is this for

  • MBA / EMBA students at any stage and any faculty (Yes any faculty because the global MBA standards are high  - and mostly comparable, which makes them standards and which makes the title of being a(n) (Executive) MBA so rewarding)
  • PhD students
  • New students to get papers / assignments / tasks right from the beginning
  • Exisiting students to (finally) finish their dissertation / thesis / final project or similar with ease in as less time as possible
  • Qualitative, quantitative, or case studies

My 30 DAY MBA program takes you step-by-step through the highly complex and multilayered process of academic research and writing. And all of that in only four modules with bite-sized lessons designed to save your time and energy. It includes:

  • Live support
    Direct messaging and voice messaging access to me
  • Individual review of your work
    I will personally comment on your work and leave helpful comments, tips and tricks
  • The whole 30 Day MBA program
    4 modules with bite-sized and time-saving lessons and workbooks
  • Bonus content:
    30 day journal
    Expert interviews
    Models Magic
    How to - Tech Tutorial

Take a peak into the module overview:

Why it is crucial to plan and get in the right mindset and how to prepare yourself for this endeavour
MODULE 2: Quick Prep Work
Good preparation is the key to your academic success in no time
MODULE 3: Write it all up in 9 simple steps.
Nail it from the Introduction to the Conclusion
MODULE 4: The finishing touches!
Make your work unique in a highly qualitative manner